Your Security, Our Priority: Introducing Gig Insurance coverage powered by Singlife x Outside

Introducing our new partnership with Singlife!  “Gig workers are integral to our economy, yet they often lack the financial security as compared to typical employees. We’re excited to partner with Outside, offering embedded insurance solutions that can better safeguard gig workers on the job,” said Varun Mittal, Head of Innovation & Ecosystem at Singlife. At […]

The Change in Mindset about Traditional Workweek

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How do you feel about flexible work arrangements as a new norm in workplaces?  A study by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) released on April 25 found that although attitudes towards working from home are falling short lately, those who prefer flexibility in work arrangements are likely to find a new job if employers […]

Advantages of On-the-Job Training for New Hires

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Starting a new job is a scary feeling.  Anyone can get anxious and worry about whether they are qualified for a job. It would be the greatest relief for any newcomer to be granted a certain period where they get to adapt to the job role and the working environment slowly. Getting pushed into producing […]

Contributing to CPF: Why It’s Good

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Freelancing and being a gig worker seems relaxing and fuss-free until you face financial planning, retirement and savings. And suddenly, it does not seem that easy after all.  Being a freelancer, you will need to manage your finances well and this includes your CPF contributions since you are on your own. Since you are a […]

Benefits of On-the-Job Training for Businesses

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Have you ever heard of ‘on-the-job training’ (OJT)? If you have not heard of it, it is a training method that helps to familiarise an employee with their working environment and job scope. It teaches skills, competencies and knowledge needed for them to perform their job well.  In a way, it is a period of […]

Gig Worker’s Guide to Income Tax in Singapore

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In Singapore, most of us earning an income are paying taxes, as part of our contribution to the nation’s growth. It sounds taxing and complicated, especially for those that are filing for the first time. So here’s a guide to help you! First, let’s break things down for a more straightforward understanding.  Gig worker or […]

Gen Z’s Workplace Expectation

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Our last article entailed new kinds of workplace trends to be expected. Continuing from that topic, let’s narrow it down to Gen Z. Who are they? As Gen Z steps into the workforce, their upbringing in a technologically advanced world has led to a dependency on the internet even for their work.  With them inseparable […]

Overcoming the Lack of Job Talents

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🕒 Reading Time: 5 minutes Are we facing a lack of job talents? Fewer Singaporean workers are looking for a new job even though more employers are actively hiring. This is reflected in the job vacancies reaching a record high of 91,100 in June 2021, where the ratio of job vacancies to unemployed persons increased […]

Workplace Trends to Expect

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🕒 Reading Time: 6 minutes  2 years since the pandemic started and it has been an unpredictable time for businesses and workers. This has led to shifting mindsets for employees and hirers, as well as a new approach to working conditions, which will most likely follow as we enter into endemicity.  To cope during the […]

How Freelancing Can Improve Your Mental Health

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🕒 Reading Time: 5 minutes Are you walking on eggshells around your colleagues? Are you tired from having bosses breathing down your neck round the clock in the office? Do you ever take a little too long in the washroom to take a short breather?  If your answer is a yes to all, then you […]