Advantages of On-the-Job Training for New Hires

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Starting a new job is a scary feeling. 

Anyone can get anxious and worry about whether they are qualified for a job. It would be the greatest relief for any newcomer to be granted a certain period where they get to adapt to the job role and the working environment slowly. Getting pushed into producing quality results from the start would only demotivate any new hire.  

So imagine undergoing ‘on-the-job training (OJT) that helps to familiarise yourself with their working environment and job scope. It teaches skills, competencies and knowledge needed for you to perform the job well. 

In a way, it is a period of learning that prepares you for your future job responsibilities. 

A huge comfort? Yes. 

So then, how does this training method benefits you? 

Improves job satisfaction 

As a newcomer, it’s normal to feel clueless on the first day. Despite running through countless simulations in your head, things don’t always work out smoothly in real life. That’s when OJT comes in to save the day. 

Undergoing OJT, there is professional supervision so that you remain on target.

Expert supervision teaches you the ropes to get you started and minimise mistakes that are normal in the beginning. It allows you to gain practical learning experience to prepare you for what is expected. 

As you are learning from an experienced employee the basics and the correct work approach, you are less likely to make mistakes and at the same time, have someone as a guide to learn and pick up skills as you move along. 

It may not be so easy to ace things on the first try and you might experience problems but that’s when you have a professional to turn to.  

Helps to reduce employee turnover

Employee turnover refers to the rate of employees leaving an organisation within a specified time period. This rate is typically higher due to employees feeling incompetent in their job or failing to fit in. 

OJT reduces this because it trains you to learn and improve skills through practice and colleagues’ advice. Having professionals to guide new employees, gives new hires like you an opportunity to mingle with other employees to feel comfortable in a new environment. It also gives them insider knowledge on how to perform tasks efficiently. 

As you start to feel comfortable in your new workplace, you would feel a sense of belonging and hence, decreasing the chance of quitting.  

Improves workplace interaction & team building

By undergoing OJT, you tend to interact and work alongside peers and colleagues. Socialising with various employees over time, would most likely ease the anxiety of ‘something new’ and encourage friendships in the workplace. Sooner or later, you will definitely feel comfortable and build trust among colleagues. 

Thus, OJT promotes this work ethic from the get-go and builds a work culture where everyone is learning and sharing responsibilities, building effective teamwork. 

As a new hire, it’s either the nervousness or the excitement in you that makes you want to do your best and impress your supervisors on the first day. 

So how do you excel at on-the-job training as a new hire? 

Clarify & be curious

It is normal to make mistakes in the beginning. Mistakes only make you grow and learn constructively. The important thing is to keep clarifying your doubts and stay inquisitive. Once you get over this “hurdle”, it will only make your job easier because now, you rectified your mistakes and developed your skills further. 

A great deal for the long run, isn’t it? 

Be patient

Not everyone is a quick learner so it’s okay to take your time to understand the concept behind certain approaches pertaining to your job. Everyone learns at their own pace and it doesn’t make you less incompetent in any way too. 

As long as you are persistent and patient in perfecting your knowledge, you will reap the benefits. 

Take notes

Practice makes perfect. Take notes when important points come up while your trainer guides you through the ropes. It may seem like a no-brainer but having taken down notes could save you when you really need one.  

Easily applicable 

Having written instructions is useful but having a professional supervising you as you learn would help you to improve drastically. As they are able to point out mistakes that you may not be aware of, you are able to then correct yourself at that moment and practice upgrading yourself.

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