Get a smarter hiring solution for your business

Empower your business operations by outsourcing errands and inconveniences to our 10,000 strong community.

Bridging the untapped labour market

At Outside, we believe in the power of connecting communities and businesses to create micro (l)earning opportunities at a greater efficiency.

Connect your job opportunities with the untapped labour market of students, homemakers and seniors with Outside. From shift based jobs, business operations to any menial task that can be outsourced, put it on Outside and let our community complete it for you.


Fast and easy hires

Outsource your operations to Outside’s pool of reliable agents using our platform templates to get assortments of micro-jobs done. Get help for anything!


Optimise your hiring

With our flexible shift hiring model, you’ll be able to tap into a larger pool of agents from the previously untapped labour market, hire reliable agents from our community and only pay for jobs that are done.


Manage your business all in one place

Outside offers a smooth end-to-end solution for sourcing, hiring, management, and payment. Effective processing creates more time for where it counts.

Get things done in 3 simple steps

1. Select a template

With our ever growing library of templates to choose from, businesses can choose templates to best suit their needs. View your recently used templates, or save featured templates that may catch your interest.

2. Fill in your details

After picking your template, fill in your job details according to its guiding fields that help agents understand the job better. Each template comes with a customisable to-do list where you can decide how you want the agents to do their jobs.

A transaction calculator also helps you to better monitor your finances with no hidden costs!

3. Manage with minimal effort

Easily keep in touch with assigned agent(s) using our chat function and get live updates on the job’s progression through Outside’s seamless platform. Outside is always looking out for every business’ needs and refining our templates to serve you better.

Services we provide

Based on actual tasks completed using our platform


pick packers, inventory checking, moving bulky items, restocking

Courier services

collection & delivery, relocation services, item procurement


data entry, customer service, clerical services, filing & organising

Usability testing

testers for product, in-depth moderated testing, focus group


flyers distribution, event crew, onsite sales

Market Research

Survey respondents, facilitators, focus group participants

Cost-effective pricing

Cost savings

Save up to 86% on outsourcing costs compared to traditional methods by using our platform.

Cost transparency

Absolutely no hidden costs! Rest assured that what you see is what you pay.

Pay only for successful hires

There is no implementation fee to access our platform. Only pay when you’ve successful hired your agents.


Outside is the ideal contingent staffing solution that helps you staff whenever, wherever, for any your business needs. Find out more about us here!

Our users are required to go through multiple level of verification, from phone number to payments and Singpass login to verify their identity. Fraudulent and unreliable agents will be removed from the platform to ensure a safe and trustworthy ecosystem.

Outside taps on a larger labour pool and also connects businesses to the previously untapped labour market which includes students, homemakers, seniors and people with disabilities.

Outside helps businesses outsource their business errands and daily inconveniences to individuals who are able and willing to help. This allows businesses to cut daily operational costs by up to 70%!

Furthermore, individuals in the untapped labour market get work opportunities as well.

Hirers will have to post the price they are willing to pay, and Outside also recommends prices based on the market average. Agents then send offers and wait for the businesses to accept.

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