Redefining work

Outside is a contingent staffing solution powered by the community.

For our community, including the untapped labour market, we create micro (l)earning opportunities with businesses. 

For businesses, we are an on-demand manpower solution optimised for flexibility and effectiveness, inclusive of complete pricing transparency.

The community tasking app

Outside is a community tasking app that makes it fun and easy for users to help each other with daily inconveniences.

The award winning app is inspired by the concept of “questing” and utilises geospatial, communications and financial technologies to create a simple and seamless experience for people to seek and provide help for others around them.

Join the 10,000 strong community that is officially supported by MCCY’s #SGUnited and Majurity Trust’s #SGStrong and start helping others around you today!

We're built for

Daily errands

Connecting neighbours around the community to help each other with daily errands and inconveniences.


Commit when you can. Outside works with businesses to help break down jobs into one-off micro jobs, so that you can pick your shifts without affecting your daily routines.


The ideal contingent staffing solution that helps you to staff whenever, wherever. Struggle no more, hire more effectively than before.


Give back to the community when you partner with non-profit organisations (NPOs) to help the needy.   


Communicate with the other user if the task has already commenced and try to work out an updated arrangement, else, make use of the “review task” in the task options and we will look into it and get in contact as soon as possible!

Alternatively, you can reach us via our social media channels or

Anything is possible on Outside, as long as the tasks abide by the laws and remain appropriate. Categories of tasks on Outside are general tasks, cleaning, courier, fixing, pet care and online work. 

We also have a “Suggestions” section that shortlists popular tasks as templates for you. You can simply tap on the template to make use of it, fill in the details and post them for others to offer to help!

Getting our users to provide their personal information on Outside helps to guarantee only authentic profiles on our platform. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to contact or reach out to respective users when completing or hiring someone for a task. 

We understand the importance of keeping your personal information safe and have regulations in place to ensure your privacy. You can learn more from our Privacy Statement.

Once you complete a task, your money will be added to your e-wallet. The balance in your e-wallet can then be withdrawn into your connected bank account. Do note that Stripe (the payment processing platform) charges $0.50 each time you withdraw money.

All users are verified via contact and payment details, when tasks commences, the payment will be charged to be held on escrow, ensuring that payments can be released to the tasker upon completion.

You can also refer to the user’s information, task history and reviews on their profile!


Download the app now and start connecting neighbours to help each other with daily inconveniences and errands!