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At Outside, our vision is a world where communities are connected and collaborating for the greater good. To do so, we plan on creating and connecting micro-earning and learning opportunities for the untapped labour market.

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The founding team (age 13 then) started our entrepreneurship journey in 2008 when we joined our school’s social entrepreneurship program. After graduating from the program, we continued working on several ideas together before eventually creating Outside in 2015.

The idea was first conceived as a reliable platform for hyperlocal sourcing of solutions from the community, namely the untapped labour market which consists of students, homemakers and seniors. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on working with businesses to create micro (l)earning opportunities we call micro jobs, allowing them to work with capable but time-tight individuals restricted by their responsibilities and daily routines. 

During our startup journey, we picked up programming, designing and other key business skills through online resources and courses which ultimately helped to shape Outside into what it is today. Through our efforts, we hope to create a new future for work where businesses are able to tap into a community of underutilized individuals while giving back. 

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