Power events
with outside

Sit back and let us help with all your event needs, get reliable event helpers from our community today!

Power events with

Sit back and let us help with all your event needs, get reliable event helpers from our community today!

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong

Setting up? Crowd control? Cleaning up? From end to end, there are many stages of executing an event. Cue Murphy’s law – “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. When there is so much to plan and account for, anything can go wrong; it happens even to the best of us. 

When you bring together a team to manage an even larger team for the event, odds are, things will go wrong. Training, managing, and handling payments afterward only adds to the headache and hassle. 


Set your events up for success

Take a load off your mind when you staff with Outside. With our built-in templates and to-do lists, save time on training and minimise miscommunication to set your events up for success. From assembling a team in advance to support the event to scrambling for replacements at the last minute, Outside’s contingent staffing solution is the winning formula for you. 

The ideal contingent staffing solution that helps you staff whenever, wherever, for any your business needs.

Look no further, #helpisontheway.

Our solution:


With our flexible shift hiring model, you will be able to leverage on a larger pool of reliable agents from the previously untapped labour market, including students, homemakers and seniors. Get all your events needs fulfilled with Outside.


By tapping on a larger labour pool, we make it easier for you to find the right fit for your staffing needs, and it is also easier for our agents to take up shifts based on their schedules with minimal hassle. Struggle no more, hire more effectively than before.


Sourcing, hiring, management and payment. Outside offers a seamless experience with an all-in-one solution. Post tasks quickly with the help of our diverse range of templates, and only pay for successful hires.

Recruit our reliable agents to help with: 

Event crew

Event planning

Set up and dismantle

Ushering and crowd control

Many more (you name it, we do it)

Hire effectively with outside

Bridging the untapped labour market

Traditional recruitment firms are constantly fighting for a pool of temp workers who are inconsistent and jumping at the next best jobs. 

We work with clients to break down shifts and gain access to a larger pool of reliable agents, inclusive of students, homemakers and seniors. By transforming jobs into micro-(l)earning opportunities, our agents are able to fulfill multiple shifts flexibly depending on their schedule. This results in more effective staffing, allowing clients to meet their business needs.  

comparison between recruitment agencies and Outside app

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