Community Guidelines

Besides the completion of tasks, a large part of the Outside experience relies on community interactions. Do help us to make every task on Outside a pleasant and positive experience by following these community guidelines.

1. Treat each other with respect

Being kind and civil ensures a positive experience for everyone. Always remember to be appropriate, polite and gracious when communicating with others. Profanities and obscenities and vulgarities will not be tolerated. Let’s build a safe environment for everyone!

2. Be clear

When posting tasks, always remember to be clear and precise, so that other users are able to understand what you need help with. At the same time, remember not to be ambiguous or skimp out on important tasks details!

3. Choose the "right" task

We all love helping others. However, to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the completion of task, only choose tasks that you are willing and are able to complete. (eg. Do not select a task that requires expertise you do not have, unless “no experience necessary” is stated).

4. Keep tasks appropriate and legal

Tasks posted must be appropriate, legal and follow all applicable laws. Outside should be used for lawful purposes only. Tasks deemed irrelevant,fraudulent and unlawful will be taken down. All tasks should also be completed in a lawful manner.

5. Be responsible

Be responsible in following through accepted tasks. It is inconsiderate to forfeit tasks that have already been confirmed by both ends.

6. Do not spam

Spamming the map with the same task is not allowed. Do keep your requests to a single quest pin. Tasks deemed as spam will be taken down.

7. Show your appreciation

Once a task is completed, remember to show your appreciation by giving a “thumbs up” rating! Do reach out and feedback to us if your task experience was not as pleasant.

That’s all for our community guidelines. Let’s work towards creating a safe and fun environment for all users on Outside App!

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