Community Guidelines

With the core focus of ensuring only the best experience for you on Outside, here are our community guidelines to make that happen and guide everyone to be a reliable community hero! 

Be respectful to each other

Always be kind and respectful when communicating with others on the platform. Remember that our users are like-minded individuals like yourself who is keen to help others around them. Profanities, obscenities, discrimination of any form will not be tolerated on our platform. 

Ensure that tasks are appropriate and legal

Outside only allows for legal and appropriate tasks to be reflected on our platform, any task that is considered unlawful or inappropriate can and will be taken down without notice.

Be detailed when posting a task

Include all necessary details and information so that the taskers know exactly where and what they need to do. This helps users to better assess if they can complete the required task and ensure a smoother transaction and completion of your task.

Take responsibility to complete task

Read the task’s requirements and details and send an offer over only if you are able to complete the task.  Upon confirmation, be responsible and keep the hirer updated via the task chat and ensure task completion.

Be understanding

There may  be times that a task requires changes either due to carelessness or unforeseen circumstances. Remain understanding in these circumstances, by either providing some buffer time or alternative  solutions if necessary.

Use only authentic profiles

Provide genuine information for your profile, and refrain from using false contact details and name. This is to ensure that Outside remains a safe environment for all users.

Look out for each other

Keep a lookout for suspicious tasks and activities. If you come across fraudulent tasks/users, kindly report using the options panel and our team will look into it.

Bonus tip on how to put a smile on someone’s face

Show your appreciation to the tasker once the task is completed by rating and endorsing them!!

That’s all for our community guidelines, let’s all work together to create a fun and safe environment! 

Your experience is important to us, if you have encountered any problems with your tasks, do reach out to us at

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