Help Others And Earn Some Cash During CB With Outside App In Singapore Today

Are you going insane from being stuck inside during CB? Or perhaps you’ve lost your job or would like to moonlight for some extra cash given the impending recession. You don’t want to limit yourself to just delivering food and don’t mind doing other tasks for cash. This is where the Outside App comes in.Outside App SG


Made in Singapore, the Outside App is an app which allows people to get paid for fulfilling tasks. Listing a task on the app is easy, with six different categories to pick from. The categories are as follows: GeneralCleaningCourierFixingPet Care and Online. Outside uses In-Game Questioning and Geospatial Technology to aid users in detecting a precise location of the task and better judge their opportunity cost.Outside App


The user-friendly interface allows both task posters and task fulfillers to easily find what they’re looking for. To seek help, simply create a task, choose a category, add relevant details and wait for someone to answer your post.

For those who are searching for tasks, simply browse the in-app map for quests, then send an offer for how much you would want to charge for fulfilling the task. If your offer is accepted, you would then communicate with the task posted. When the task is completed, you will be paid and asked to leave a review for your hirer.

Outisde App SG

CreditOutside is wonderful because everything is done conveniently within the app. Other than posting, fulfilling and communicating, payment will also be made within the app with an e-wallet powered by Stripe. Worry not for all transactions and payment details are handled safely.

In light of COVID-19, commissions towards the app will be reduced by 50% so users can gain better value from helping others in the community. Say you worry about your elderly grandparents and would want to deliver some groceries to them, but all the delivery slots from traditional grocery store platforms are fully booked for the next two weeks, this is where Outside would come in handy.

In addition to reduced commissions, Outside has also provided its business services for free. Since Circuit Breaker, approximately 10,000 users have utilised the platform, with hundreds of tasks facilitated within the first two weeks of CB. A heartwarming task that was completed during this CB was when a user guided a taxi uncle to file his taxes online, bringing light in such trying times.

The Outside App has also been recognised by the SGUnited initiatives by Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY) and is a recipient of the #SGStrong Grant by Majurity Trust.Outside App SG


Simply post your task and await a response, and your grandparents will receive those groceries in no time! But remember to stay responsible and practice social distancing when you’re outdoors.

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Written by: Leo Goh

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