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Not all heroes wear capes, but our trusty taskers are always there to answer to your calls for help. Ranging from full-time students to part-time job holders, they are a part of Outside’s community of taskers who are no Outsider to you. Today, we interviewed a number of trusty taskers who are always going the extra mile to help you with your daily inconveniences. Let’s hear from them to know what goes on Outside as they head out for your daily errands.

The volunteer heroes who go the extra mile to deliver meals for the elderly (Source: TOUCH Community Services)

Not to forget the delivery heroes who will get your items safely and quickly to your door-step (another kind of unsung heroes!) (Source: The Straits Times)

Anyone can become a tasker. Our taskers range from students to job holders, all hustling to earn some side income. More than earning income, our student taskers today also shared about how they felt when they took up a task to help and some lingering concerns they had when they first got started. Read on to find out more about their stories! (names have been shortened to protect their identity)

      Source: Top Hat 

(disclaimer: real pictures of Kang & Xin have been kept confidential)

Kang and Xin are both full-time students in University, but they are no less committed than a full-time tasker. Despite the hectic class schedules, their good time management goes a long way for them as they take on tasks whenever they can during their free time. Coincidentally, both of them chanced upon the app in the app store and decided to give it a try. So, what was their first ever task that they took up? 

“I was in town with my family, and I helped to dabao at Max’s restaurant to the East side.” ‒ Xin

“I was exploring the app store and chanced upon Outside as the first task-based app. I took up a delivery task within the next few days after downloading the app.” ‒ Kang

However, taking that leap of faith to become a tasker, especially on a newly-established, novel platform like Outside was not without a doubt. “This app legit one or not?” was a question they both had in their minds. Both Kang and Xin had some feelings of hesitation about the functions and navigation of the app.

“I’ve never heard of the app before, so I was a bit afraid of its reliability, like will I get paid?” ‒Xin

“I was also worried about not being able to communicate with the hirer beforehand and the penalty for cancellation might cause misunderstanding.” ‒ Kang

Moving forward, as they embarked on more tasks on the app and got more used to it, they were more assured. Furthermore, the outreach of the app also made completing tasks easier for them and Outside’s collaboration with governmental organisations had assured them. By the way, did you know that Outside is in collaboration with governmental organisations like NVPC, IMDA and SGUnited? In fact, now Kang even has the app open whenever he is free at home, so that he would be able to grab any tasks posted within 3 to 5 minutes. 

Source: meWATCH                                          Source: SGUnited

Taking up the responsibility of tasking also has to be strategic, especially when you have a tight schedule. That means that they have to consider various factors before they undertake a journey. While distance, time and nature of the task seemed to be the determining factors for Xin, Kang, on the other hand, sought a balance between the distance and the value offered for the tasks.

As students with both tight schedules and incomes, they shared how tasking has transformed their way of earning income today. Gone were the days where they had to fund their daily expenses with their side hustle of part time jobs after school that made them feel so “shag” after a long day of work. To them, tasking is now a more free-and-easy option, which fits better with their schedule. 

“The tasks I took up were not too time-consuming and it allows me to take up tasks during my free time. So driving around and completing tasks feels more like a relaxing activity for me and at the same time, I can just earn some income while doing something I like!” ‒Xin

“Being a student sometimes I don’t have much time. I like how flexibility and allowance comes hand in hand. Since I can’t commit to a part time or full time job, this allows me to earn during my free time.” ‒ Kang 

When asked what made their journeys especially memorable, they shared that they found it satisfying when they were able to complete multiple tasks at once in the same area. More than that, they felt more fulfilled when they had to take on tasks to help the underprivileged.

“Once, I completed multiple tasks by the same hirer consecutively and I was tipped extra as a token of appreciation by him.”‒ Kang

“It is also very heartwarming when I have to deliver to old people, disadvantaged or needy people.” ‒ Kang and Xin 

Source: Delivering food to the elderly puts a smile on them (Source: National Youth Council)

Indeed, it warms the cockles of our heart to know that our taskers felt appreciated and uplifted by the tasks they take on Outside, going beyond just earning side income with Outside. Coupled with its flexible scheduling of the tasks on the app, it makes it easy even for full-time students like Kang and Xin with seemingly tight schedules, to extend a helping hand to those who need help in the community. 

Furthermore, Outside is constantly improving its user experience for both our taskers and hirers. Not just helping individuals, we are also looking to extend its functions to Business-to-Business (B2B) sectors, so as to explore more tasking opportunities for our taskers. Interested to earn a side income, while helping your community? You can sign up and join us as our community tasker on Outside today! 

Outside is a community-tasking app that connects users to help each other out for their daily inconveniences. Since its launch in 2017, the app has gained recognition for its work through media features and competitions, where it has won multiple awards. Currently, the app boasts over 10,000 users and is officially supported by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY)’s #SGUnited and Majurity Trust’s #SGStrong. 

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