6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Based on Your Budget

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At some point in our lives, we would all have experienced the pain of budget constraints. As economists would say, we are all rational consumers aiming to maximise utility within the constraints of our budget, ceteris paribus. 

We would then direct our limited resources towards the product that gives maximum satisfaction to us, or in this case, our beloved partner. Continue reading to find out how to maximise satisfaction for your partner on Valentine’s Day! (With a budget in mind, of course. 🤫)

We welcome a rational budget for your task on Outside.

From $1.50: Customisable Coasters

Here’s a gift for you and your partner to incorporate into your chill, stay-home dates. Surprise your partner on a scorching midday with a pint of cold beer and you can be sure to see a beaming smile glowing as bright as the sun! Who is able to resist a decorated coaster designed with love?

Famous last words from your partner trying to impress you…
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Alternatively, a coaster with a glass of refreshing juice will never go wrong on a Sunday morning!

Hold my beer dear, I got you a surprise!
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From $29: Bespoke Cufflinks for the Gentlemen and Ladies ($84.66)

As fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy once said: Luxury is in each detail. This meaningful yet practical gift is sure to boost your partner’s charm on important anniversaries and for business presentations.

You can have his initials engraved with a lacquer finish or have her name engraved in cursive writing. Calling for all the CBD hustlers!

You be lookin’ dapper tonight!
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From $35: Tea and Chocolate Gift Set

This is for the foodie couples out there! Especially if you find giving an ordinary chocolate set on Valentine’s Day a tad too cliche. You can now surprise your partner with a cuppa freshly brewed tea to pair it with the sweetness of the chocolates!

On a year when Valentine’s Day coincides with the festivity of Chinese New Year, this Prosperi-TEA gift set does best in incorporating the festivities of the two. (Especially apt for when you wish to impress your partner’s parents.)

For when you are meeting the parents over CNY… gulp.
Source: The Tea Story

From $39: Edible Garden Kit

 Sustainable lifestyle? KALE yeah!
Source: Instagram

This is for that stage of relationship when the both of you are thinking of taking care of something small together before planning the larger commitments. 

With a sprinkle of love, a touch of sun and a dash of water, both of you can bring life to this urban farming kit of 3, kang kong, Chinese kale and chye sim for a promotional price of $39 at Superfarmers.

From $62.90: T-Shirt Painting Kit

For all the bubble tea fans, meet bubble TEE.
Source: Streaksnstrokes

If your partner enjoys a calm art jamming date, be sure this will be the right surprise for Valentine’s Day. Aside from T-shirts, tote bags ($57.90) are also available for a night of art inspiration.

From $280: 2-Week Ceramic Workshop

Finally, at $280 for a 2-week pottery lesson might be the maximum satisfaction when your budget is over $100. Clay Journey brings you and your partner into the introspective world of ceramics on Valentine’s Day and the week before, catered to your skill level and interest. 

Aside from bringing your works of ceramic home, you can also look forward to learning how rhythms play a part in creating masterful ceramic pieces. Why pamper your partner only on 14th February when you can make 2 weeks of February special? 

You are my only cup of tea!
Source: Instagram

Being a rational, utility-maximising consumer, do set an appropriate budget accordingly to satisfy your needs and wants. You can set a budget for your daily tasks on Outside and allow our community taskers to complete them for you!

Hoping to up your financial game from here? Find out how you can save up money to liberate yourself from the chains of a tight budget!

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