redefining the future of work

With the increasing advancement in technology and trust in the community, consumers are now going into stranger’s cars to move from point A to B and even staying in a stranger’s house when they go overseas.

But why is there still no simple way to get help from people around you?

There has to be a better way to get help – that’s why we started on Outside, to create a reliable platform for hyperlocal sourcing of solutions from the community. We’re currently focusing efforts to work with businesses to create micro jobs for the untapped labour market, consisting mainly of students, homemakers and seniors, increasing the effectiveness of business operations and spending, while creating opportunities for the untapped labour market to learn and earn flexibly.

We’re just getting started, join us and let’s build the future of work together!


1. be human

Kindness, equality and respect for all regardless of differences, we’re all humans.


Much like the wilderness, startups have limited resources to navigate uncertainties while facing constant changes. We’re a team that prides ourselves with resourcefulness and creativity to overcome hurdles and achieve our milestones.

3. life's an experiment

We believe in taking calculated risks and acknowledging failures, experimentation is the best way to learn and develop as an individual and as a team.

4. there's always "one more thing" to learn

We never stop learning and never believe that we are good enough, the world is constantly changing and there’s always going to be “one more thing” to learn.

5. with great power comes great responsibility

We empower every member in our team and expect ownership for work assigned and integrity when it comes to communication.

Available Positions:

business growth

marketing intern

Business development intern

Growth and partnerships

product development

Software development

Software development intern

product designing intern