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Introducing… Outside, again. A new and improved formula, but the same old taste. 

If you’ve stuck with us, you’ll have noticed things are looking a little different. Exciting times are coming and we wanted to reflect that.

If you’re new and this is the first time you’ve heard of us; Hello, welcome Outside!

Outside timeline

While most of you would recognise us from our previous logo, not many would know that it isn’t our first – It’s already our third.

Throughout our company’s lifespan, our logo has pretty much been reflective of our growth and maturity as a company. 

From our shaky first logo and early days of Outside, we were just a collective of friends, still students at the time, learning things and applying them as best we could. 

Moving on to our second, and then later to our latest logo incarnation, each change has marked a new season for Outside, with us learning from our experiences and growing to new heights at each milestone. 

This rebranding marks a new season for Outside, with this rebranding representing more than just a refresh of our company’s brand and presence, but also an updated business value, mission and focus.

Bringing in the new while sticking to our core

We’ve updated three main elements to our brand’s logo with the rebranding: the icon, the text, and the colour. 

Outside community green logo

The O in our logo is two human-like halves with outstretched hands representing the never-ending cycle of users helping one another, and being helped in return, with each individual part coming together to form a greater communal whole. 

With the new redesign, we wanted to encapsulate the essence of Outside, a platform where we bridge companies and communities together to create micro (l)earning opportunities. 

We believe that everyone has something to offer, from walking your neighbour’s pet dogs to helping a company with legal work, and the right to be recognised and paid for their efforts.

Painting the town green, blue…and pink?

Outside brand colours

Next, our colour palettes. Each of the colours found on our app and all of our designs was picked to represent something more. 

Dark blue is associated with depth, expertise, and stability, and we chose that colour to represent the businesses on our platform. 

They create opportunities for our users to work and give back on a professional level without the commitments of a full-time position. 

Green is associated with prosperity, freshness, and progress. On Outside, it symbolises our community, the untapped labour market powered mainly by homemakers, seniors and students. 

Our goal is to create more opportunities for this community of individuals with underutilised expertise, constrained by their daily routines.

Pink is associated with love, kindness and sensitivity. Outside works with NPOs to break down the daily tasks of volunteers, to help ensure that those in need are heard on our platform. 

Outside hopes to create accessible and bite-sized opportunities for our users to give back when they can, by connecting these three communities. 

Connecting the dots

Outside’s brand elements

With the redesign, we wanted to take the opportunity to turn Outside’s brand into something which could be both recognised by its individual parts, and as a whole. 

These circles symbolise the different communities on our platform. 

With each design we create, we are reminded of our commitment to connecting these communities.


Outron was inspired by the concept of Outside’s original logo (briefcase) and created in the shape of a briefcase robot – riding on the joke that it sounds like Marvel’s Ultron.

Outron is the company’s personification, representing the team’s fun, outgoing and dynamic personality, along with the main goal of connecting jobs (briefcase) to the community.

It is non-gendered, non-racial and a perfect representative of the community and our mission as a company.

Our promise

Our vision: A world where communities are connecting and collaborating for the greater good.

Our mission: To create and connect micro earning and learning opportunities for the untapped labour market.

Businesses on Outside?

If you’ve seen us around before, you would know that Outside started out as a peer-to-peer tasking app for the community, connecting strangers to reliable help around them.

With the impact of the recent pandemic, we received enquiries and requests from friends and business partners to get help for their business operations and started pilots with some users on our platform, which turned out extremely well.

From that experience, we worked closely with several business partners and agents to improve on the value we created for our community and create new functions and features to create more value for our users.

Ultimately, we are still working on connecting communities through technology and we are now able to provide greater social and economical value to our agents by working with other businesses

(Do drop us a ping if you’re interested in exploring working together!).

Wrapping up

We would like to invite all of you to join us on our journey to make the world a more connected place and thank those who have joined us on this journey so far. 

And this is the new Outside; refreshed, renewed, different but still the same team on the same mission to connect the world with opportunities and create a more collaborative society. 

As mentioned, this is only the start of more things to come, stay tuned to our social media channels to keep up to date on our progress and upcoming product launches. 

If you’re extra curious, check out our website to find out more about our changes and read up on Outside!

Outside is Singapore’s leading community micro-job platform that creates micro (l)earning opportunities for students, homemakers and seniors. 

As a two-sided platform, Outside provides an all-in-one outsourcing management platform for businesses, assisting in breaking down jobs into smaller simpler pieces and improving operations efficiency. For job seekers, Outside provides flexible job opportunities that users can easily pick up and complete within the Outside app, allowing them to work conveniently and earn reliably.

Visit https://www.outsideapp.co or download our app on Apple Store and Google Play to find out more!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OutsideApp

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