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How Outside Works

Outside works with companies to help break down jobs into shifts. In a nutshell, your experience completing shifts on Outside will progress as follows: 

View Job

View jobs on the platform

Send Offer

Apply for individual shifts​

Get Hired

Wait for hirer to accept your offer

Clock In & Out

Use QR codes provided by the hirer at the job location.​

As you work, your pay for shifts completed over a week are then issued every following Wednesday

Viewing a Job

From the homepage, select a company to reveal its profile for more details, and their list of jobs.

Each job can then be selected to reveal its job description. 

Depending on the job, you may be required to fill out certain details before you can progress to view a job's available shifts.

Sending and Checking Offers

After selecting your shifts, view your offer summary here. Hirers will only receive your shift offers when you select 'Confirm'. Do note that Outside has penalties for cancelling shifts you have been hired for.

After sending your offer, shifts will appear under the 'Pending' section of the app's Schedule tab. Do not attend these shifts yet as they have not been confirmed by the hirer.

When a hirer accepts your offer for a shift, it will be moved to the 'Confirmed' section. You will also receive a notification on your phone (if enabled). Check back regularly to see what you've been hired for!

Communicating with Hirers

Select a confirmed shift to move into its individual page.

Choose the 'Chat' button to begin your conversation with the hirer.

Your conversation for the shift will be recorded along with timestamps of your job progress.

Reporting for Work

When your confirmed shift is about to begin, select "Clock In" from the individual shift page.

You'll be provided a page for more clock-in information, or a phone number to contact the hirer for any issues (e.g. late coming).

Selecting "Clock In" will use your phone's camera to scan for the QR code provided by the hirer at the job location. Repeat the process to clock out when your shift ends.

Shift Cancellations and Reporting Issues

From the top right options of the individual shift page, select either "Cancel Job" or "Report Issue". Cancelling irreversibly removes a shift, while reporting an issue notifies the Outside team. Hirers may also cancel shifts as well.

Do note that agent-side cancellations may negatively impact your community rating. Hirers assess your rating when you send in offers, and a low rating may also result in an account ban or suspension.

Find out more about Outside's community rating here.

Penalty Waivers

To submit a valid reason for your shift cancellations, select the "Penalty Waiver" option from your profile tab.

Keep track of your penalty waiver requests here. Select "Submit New".

Input the details of your absence and attach any supporting documents for submission. All shifts cancelled or missed that fall within the date range of your penalty waiver request will have the details attached for hirer review.

Need help?

Facing any other issues not covered in this page?

Check out our help center for more in-depth information and other frequently asked questions. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the Outside team at help@outside.sg for any other app-related issues.