Outside COVID-19 Advisory

An announcement to our community:

We have heard and understood the concerns on health and earnings during this period of uncertainty, in light of that, we’ve put together a few key points to note in your daily life and while performing tasks on our platform. Aside from that, we’ll also be cutting our costs by 50% to ensure that users get what they deserve for helping others at a time that more community heroes are needed.

We’ll get through this by being cautious and responsible. Till then, be kind and help one another!

– The Outsiders

Health Advice

Maintain Personal Hygiene

Keep in handy tissues, hand sanitizer, and practice frequent hand washing. Avoid touching your face needlessly and wash your hands thoroughly with soap whenever possible. Wash your hands as if you’ve just handled chilli peppers.

Minimize Close Contact

Where possible, it is advised that you keep as little close contact to others as possible, and practice social distancing at your own discretion.

While performing tasks on the platform, use in-app communications and location checks for checking in and confirming completion with other users, minimalising contact.

if unwell...

Have some face masks in preparation. Make sure to wear a mask if you are feeling unwell, experiencing a running nose, or a slight cough.

See a doctor if you’re showing any of the COVID-19 Symptoms via your closest GP clinics and avoid going out if you’re feeling unwell.

If you have any tasks ongoing on Outside, let us know and we’ll assist with cancellations and waive penalties.

Our community’s health and safety comes first.

Keep up with the latest news and information

Stay up-to-date and informed on the COVID-19 situation through verified news sources. 

Do not spread unconfirmed news and cause hysteria and panic in others, verify other sources before sharing with friends and family.

Here are two local reliable sources to get you started: (linked to COVID tag)
The Straits Times
Channel News Asia



Everyone’s lives are getting affected, with some more than the others. Our team has made a decision to cut our fees and make helping others around you easier and more accessible.

Until we get through this, Outside will be cutting its fees by 50% (for tasks above $5) to ask users to help others with daily inconveniences.

Be safe and healthy everyone!

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