Businesses and the Gig Economy

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Today, gig work has emerged as a new form of work in a world with advancements in technology alongside the COVID-19 pandemic dismantling the traditional form of work.

It has become undeniable that the growth of gig work, that is driving the gig economy, is likely to grow greater. 

Gig workers turn to gig work because full-time employment may not suit them due to lifestyle choices or personal constraints. This group of people makes up the untapped labour market which consists of homemakers, students and seniors.

Thus, gig work becomes their alternative source of income. 

There are concerns about the difference in bargaining power between gig workers and companies, and the lack of basic job protections.

However, businesses still recognise the sustainability of the gig economy to support the changing economy of today. 

So what are the reasons behind sustaining the gig economy?


Businesses acknowledge that flexibility makes the gig economy desirable and is beneficial for them too. Gig work is attractive because of the autonomy that gig workers have that gives them the freedom to choose when and how much to work. 

On the other hand, the everchanging needs of a business’s growth require various skill sets and talents. By engaging these gig workers, businesses would have more choices to choose whichever skillset they need.

Tapping into a wider labour pool

The loss of jobs due to the pandemic has left many to turn to gig work and at the same time, creating a demand for highly skilled workers to fill open jobs. More gig workers with varying skills and talents make up this labour pool. 

This gels well with a business constant need for manpower as they are able to tap into this labour pool should they require a specific skill set for a limited period. 

Businesses could use digital outsourcing platforms like Outside that provide resources to source, hire and verify the credibility of gig workers on one single platform.

Outside’s mission towards creating and connecting opportunities for the untapped labour market.

This helps ease the troublesome job hiring process in businesses and improves efficacy. 

Cut back on hiring expenditures

As gig workers only have some financial security to fall back on, businesses could enable them to earn an income that reflects their efforts accordingly and competitively relative to market conditions to stay afloat.

However, to filter out quality workers, businesses may require the help of external hiring platforms where their services do not come cheap.

In Outside’s case, Outside provides major savings for clients on agency fees while agents are guaranteed payment upon completion. The all-in-one platform offers complete pricing transparency and a payment record history so businesses need not worry about hidden costs. 

Sustaining the gig economy is not a one-man show by businesses only. A greater effort from relevant groups such as the government would facilitate a sustainable and beneficial gig economy in the long run. 

Outside is Singapore’s leading community micro-job platform that creates micro (l)earning opportunities for students, homemakers and seniors. 

As a two-sided platform, Outside provides an all-in-one outsourcing management platform for businesses, assisting in breaking down jobs into smaller simpler pieces and improving operations efficiency. For job seekers, Outside provides flexible job opportunities that users can easily pick up and complete within the Outside app, allowing them to work conveniently and earn reliably.

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