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At Outside, we envision a world where communities are connected and collaborating for the greater good.

In collaboration with NVPC and IMDA, we plan to enhance the culture of support within our Singaporean neighbourhoods for vulnerable communities. 



playing our part

Similar to how we break down jobs, we plan to create micro volunteering opportunities through breaking down volunteering initiatives. This allows Outside to connect eager citizens to nearby volunteering opportunities from non-profit organizations (NPOs), and give back to their community through simple, on-demand and low-commitment actions.   

With our newly added volunteer category in Outside App, we are able to help with:

Connecting NPOs to users to assist the underprivileged residents nearby

NPOs to post and manage via our web platform

Users to offer and manage their tasks on our app

Volunteering activities

Grocery Shopper

Volunteer to help seniors purchase groceries and deliver to their homes/eldercare centre

Meal delivery

Volunteer to help seniors, especially seniors who have mobility issues to dabao food

senior check-in

Volunteer to check-in on at-risk seniors who live alone, interact with them and assist them if the need arises.


Outside is a community app that makes it fun and easy for users to help each other with daily errands which appears as quest pins on our map! Find out more about us here!

You can post tasks to get others around to help you with your daily inconveniences at minimal fee, OR you can offer your help and earn instead! Want to know more? Click here!

Volunteer tasks can be found within the app like regular tasks, it can be differentiated by the Category.

For the initial stages of the “Volunteer” category, only our partnering NPOs can post official volunteering tasks on the app, which helps us to prevent the misuse/abuse of our community.

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