Great deals up for grabs around nus!

hang around NUS? love food? adore discounts? then you can’t pass up these deals

Participating Vendors

What is this?

The Up for Grabs program is a collaborative effort between Outside, Tokyo Gas, and Konica Minolta to combat food wastage. To do so, we have partnered up with 5 food vendors around the NUS area to provide you with exclusive deals!

What does this mean to you? Well, from now to 18th Oct you can claim exclusive deals from these stores near you, and join us in our pursuit of zero food waste!

How do I claim?


1. Download the app

download the app from the app store, or click here, and sign up


2. Open the reward

find the reward inside the "find task" button and open it up!


3. Scan to claim

when at the vendor, press the scan button and scan the provided QR code to claim


What is Outside?

Outside is a community app that makes it fun and easy for users to help each other with daily errands which appears as quest pins on our map! Find out more about us here!

What can I do on Outside?

You can post tasks to get others around to help you with your daily inconveniences at minimal fee, or you can offer your help and earn instead! Want to know more? Click here!

Is there any criteria to claim?

Nope! Just download the app and claim the deal while it’s available and it’s yours!

What if I want someone help claim the reward for me?

What an oddly specific question to ask! But, yes you can! Pop that “post task” button and get someone to claim that deal and bring it down to you!

not viewing on a phone? scan and download the app from here

Don't have the app yet?

get it here and start claiming your rewards today!