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Introducing outside reward program

At Outside we believe in building a community, and that does not just include the users. Whether you are a local shop or a budding business you are part of that community too. 

So, come join us! Promote your presence on the Outside app and widen your reach to our users. And what better way to reach out to people than by giving out rewards.


Effective Targeting

We reach out to our users nearby for a higher likeliness of them visiting your store!


Fully Customizable

Set up your promotions according to your own preference of time and what to offer



Your promotion will appear as treasure chest alongside our tasks to attract customers


What is Outside?

Outside is a community app that makes it fun and easy for users to help each other with daily errands which appears as quest pins on our map! Find out more about us here!

How do users claim rewards?

We will provide you with QR stickers that users will need to scan to redeem, we intend to work towards accepting payments with our app after the pilot.

How can I change or remove my promotions?

We intend to launch a merchant app/interface that can do both but for this pilot, we will provide you with an email and number to assist you with the edit and removal of promotions within 3 working days.

How much does it cost to list on Outside?

Joining the pilot program is completely free! Contact us below to find out more.

Why is Outside launching rewards?

We are a community app and we want to find ways to reward our users for being collaborative and helpful to each other! By launching Treasure Chests with reward partners, we can both reward users and create more opportunities for them to help each other collect rewards!


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