Community tasking app that makes it fun and easier for users to help each other.

About Us​

Outside is a community app that makes it fun and easier for users to help others and . Essentially Outside incorporates the concept of In-game Questing and Geospatial technology to make it easier for users to effectively pinpoint the location of the task and better judge their opportunity cost.

Outside is currently available in Singapore for both iOS and Android devices.


Map Based​

Outside's processes are crafted for hyperlocal real-time tasks, providing much more effectiveness when browsing and posting task as nearby users will be able to better judge distance,time and costs.​

White Labelled

We believe in allowing users to perform tasks as individuals as and when they like. You shouldn't need to wear a uniform when you help others.

Safe and Secure

Accounts will be required to go through stringent sign up and verification processes and payments will be escrowed and facilitated by Stripe.

Peer-to-Peer Tasking

The app is created to optimise an individual's ability to seek and provide help for other users within their proximity.

Personalised Experience

Users are able to select categories of task they want to informed about, as such, the app will cater a different experience to each individual user.

Universal Account

Outside allows users to do all categories of help you can think of (and some that you didn't), and you only have to download one app to seek and provide help.

User's Testimonials

How to Get Tasks Done​

1. Post a Task

Select the category that best fits your task, use the general category if it is best suited there or there is nothing suitable.

2. Fill in Details

Selecting the category will require you to fill up different sets of forms, provide details required and add additional in task description to help the taskers understand more.

3. Wait for it to get done!

Complete the task posting and it will appear on the map as a quest pin, this will also notify other users in the vicinity of the task.

How to Help Others

1. Browse or Set up Task Alert

Browse around the map to search for interesting tasks nearby or set up your "task alert" function to get notified of tasks you may be interested in.

2. Send Offer

Upon finding a task you are interested in, click on the pin to find out more about the task and send a reasonable offer based on the user's requirement and budget.

3. Communicate

If your offer is selected, make sure to use our in-app chat system which will allow you to communicate and ensure that the task details and arrangements are as stated.

4. Complete the Task

Click on "mark as completed" once the task is completed to get your due payment and leave a review for the hirer.


Most frequent questions and answers

Outside is currently only available in Singapore. Keep a look out for future updates!

Any everyday inconvenience can be completed on Outside! Example of tasks could include purchasing groceries, buying takeaways to even tasks like walking your dog or cleaning your apartment. As long as both parties agree to the task requirements and cost, all is possible Outside!

Part of Outside’s responsibilities include ensuring a safe and accountable community. Thus, to ensure authenticity, all users are required to go through a verification process via Email, Facebook, OTP and banking/card details before they can post a task or send an offer.

We understand the importance of your data privacy and security and will not use this information for any other purpose.

Yes you can! All ongoing tasks are easily accessible on the task manager and can be done concurrently.

If you have encountered any issues, do contact the Outside team at [email protected] so that we can assist you.

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