What happens if I cancel on a confirmed job?

There are a few different types of cancellations that will affect the behavioural score and/or job completion rate. The following situations does not include the situation whereby the Hirer (1) accepts an offer for a shift <72 hours before a shift starts or (2) cancels on a confirmed shift that users have been selected for.

Cancel with a valid reasonNo reduction.
Cancel more than 72 hours before the job startsThere will be 3 chances each month for Agents to cancel 72 hours before the job starts, any more there will be a reduction of the behavioural score.
Cancel under 72 hours before the job startsReduction of the behavioural score, repeated cancellation leads to more severe penalties and may lead to a permanent ban.
Cancel under 24 hours before the job startsSignificant reduction of the behavioural score and also marked as Absent for the job. This cancellation will lead to both a reduction in community rating and job completion rate and may lead to a permanent ban.