How pricing works on Outside

Outside operates on a flexible pricing model, where payments are held in escrow when a job is posted, and only released when the job is completed.

The payment for each job consists of:

During the job posting process, the job pay field will automatically show the recommended pricing for the job.

To see what a job would cost you, complete the posting form. We’ll provide you with a quote upfront to show the total costs incurred for the job.

What determines the recommended pricing for each job?

To provide you with quality agents, the hourly rate is adjusted to stay competitive.

When hourly rate may be adjusted:

  • Type of position required
  • Requests during peak days (e.g. holidays)
  • Last-minute requests (less than 24-hour advance notice)

Flexible pricing enables you to rest assured that you’ll get the help you need, even when demand for agents is high.