How can I report a client/job?

See something against our Community Guidelines? Report it to us! Be the eyes and ears of our community to keep our platform a safe and pleasant experience for other agents.

To help us review your report more efficiently, please file a report to us via the app if it is regarding:

  • Inappropriate behaviour/Fraudulent activities
  • Misleading job description
  • Offensive content

Reports are kept anonymous unless a direct follow-up from the report is required.

After our moderators have reviewed your submitted report on a client/job, you’ll receive a follow-up email.

Reporting a job

Select the job you wish to report, and scroll to the bottom to select “Report this job

Select the appropriate reason for the reporting

Reporting a client

As agents are only able to view client details after you have been accepted for the job, go to the confirmed tab under job manager.

Select the job you wish to report, and select the three dots icon on the top right

Select “Report

Select the issue you wish to report

Select the appropriate reason for the report

Provide the relevant details and attachments for the report before submitting