Encountering issues? Try these steps first

We understand that these won’t cover all issues but if you’re writing to us, we encourage you to try these steps in advance or check out the articles in our Help Centre.

Here are some steps you can take before you reach out to us:

  • Ensure your Outside app is updated to the latest version on App Store and Play Store
  • Try re-logging in or re-installing the Outside app (you won’t lose any data)
  • Force quit your app and relaunch
    • For iOS, simply swipe the app away
    • For Android, either select More on your hardware to force quit or go to your device’s Settings page
  • Toggle between wifi and data to check if your issue exists on both networks

If the issue still persists after trying these troubleshooting steps, contact our team at help@outside.sg and we’ll look into it! Don’t forget to include your Outside username, Outside app version number, and device model when reporting the bug or issue.