Does the cancellation of a confirmed job affect my behavioural score/community rating?

There are a few different types of cancellations that will affect the behavioural score and/or job completion rate.

Cancel with a valid reasonNo reduction of any score.
Cancel 24 hours before the job startsThere will be 3 chances for Agents to cancel 24 hours before the job starts each month, any more there will be a reduction of the behavioural score.
Cancel within 24 hours before the job startsReduction of the behavioural score, after the 3rd time this happens, there will be a more severe reduction. There is no reset for this.
Cancel within 12 hours before the job startsSevere reduction of the behavioural score and also marked as an incomplete job. Hence affects both behavioural scores and job completion rate. This is to protect Clients and prevent such situations from happening as Clients would need to urgently find a replacement and might have to pay a higher price for a last-minute request.