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The founding team (age 13 then) started our entrepreneurship journey in 2008 through our school’s social entrepreneurship program, after which we graduated from the program, continued working on several ideas together and eventually came up with Outside Jobs platform in 2015.

The idea was first conceived as a contractual/ad hoc job platform targeted at connecting businesses with the untapped labour market consisting of students, housewives and elderlies. Using that platform, businesses can look “outside” of where they usually get help from and create earning opportunities for these capable but time-tight individuals who are restricted due to responsibilities or other limitations while these individuals will be able to make some money and build an “outside” resume for future work opportunities.

While we were on our startup journey, we picked up programming, designing and other key business skills with online contents and courses which ultimately helped shape the app into what it is today- a community tasking app that makes it fun and easy for neighbours to help each other with errands and daily inconveniences. Integrating the concept of in-game questing with geolocation, communications and financial technologies, the app provides a seamless experience for users to post and complete daily tasks around them with “quest” pins they can interact with.

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Dion Aw


Who is he?

Usually in the office "networking" on his computer, head of product development. Engineer by training, sometimes found with weird creations and/or his bow and arrow (approach with caution).
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Who is he?

Tech startup fanboy, geek, lousiest programmer among the co-founders. Actively lurks at competitions, startup events and classes. Think there is something we can do together?
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Who is he?

Ex-lead software developer for the team, juggles between daily operations and development for business clients. Works too hard on his job and his jokes, quite a concern really.
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